Our History

A Brief History of St. Mark's

St. Mark's Lutheran Church began as a Union Church with the Pennsburg Reformed Congregation, now Pennsburg U.C.C, at the south end of Pennsburg in 1855. In later years, there were misunderstandings and the Lutherans voted to break away and build their own church. In 1898, they began building at the chosen site at north Main Street, Pennsburg. The building was completed in 1900 with the exception of the steeple which was finished in 1902. 

The congregation flourished. The King of Prussia marble stone created a beautiful church with large arched stained glass windows. The interior however was poorly designed and did not fit the Lutheran way for worship. In 1929, the entire interior was gutted and redesigned. At the same time, the basement was excavated for Sunday School space, and a new solid wood front entrance door was added. 

The reed organ was replaced with a Moeller organ and several years later, the Ladies Aide provided a baby grand piano. 

The church's strength was it's Sunday School. A drinking fountain was eventually supplied at the cost of $12.68 after many requests. In 1929, an inside toilet and wash sink were installed. 

Inside lighting was supplied with gas since electric didn't become available until 1908. The electric bill from 1915-1916 totaled $21.65. 

A hot air system supplied the first heat. Wood was the main source of fuel. A steam heating system with twenty-nine radiators was installed in 1922. An oil burner replaced the food fired system in 1929.

Clayton Fryer finished the bell-tower steeple, paid for by the Ladies Aide. There were many rules concerning the tolling of the bell in earlier days. 

Many changes have come to St. Mark's as it grew over the years. Change is inevitable. What will tomorrow have in store for us? 

There is much more to tell about the development of St. Mark's and we invite you to read a history of St. Mark's written for its 150th anniversary which was published in The Periodical by the Lutheran Historical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania, Jan. 2006 Vol. 51, No. 1. Our Gray Stone Church was written in remembrance of the 100th Anniversary in the new church. Both copies are available at the church office.