Music is a big part of worship at St. Mark's and our organ plays a pivitol role. 

The current organ was built by Patrick J. Murphy & Assoiciates, Inc. It is a relatively compact instrument of two manuals, or keyboards, and twenty-eight ranks. This organ replaced the previous 1929 Moeller organ of twelve stops. At the time of the organ replacement the facade of the organ chamber was modified to include the addition of thirteen speaking pipes of the Great 8' Principal to create a striking visual effect as well as a musical one. The stop list utilizes four stops from the former Moeller instrument as well as colorful strings and reeds by Aeolian-Skinner. The result is a uniquely versatile stop list that will handle a wide range of solo literature as well as providing a variety of resources for hymn and anthem accompaniment. New electric slider chests, solid-state switching, and combination action including MIDI with record/playback capabilities should provide quality reliability to compliment the tonal pallet provided. The movable hand-crafted white oak console was built in the Patrick J. Murphy shops. 

Here are the specifications of the organ:

16' Gedackt, 12 pipes, ext. of 8'
8' Principal, 61 pipes
8' Bourdon, 61 pipes
8' Viola, 61 notes from Swell
4' Octave, 61 pipes
4' Nachthorn, 61 pipes
2 2/3' Twelfth, 61 pipes
2' Fifteenth, 61 pipes
IV Mixture, 244 pipes
8' Trumpet, 61 pipes, replaced and revoiced in 2003 to obtain brighter sound. 
8' Clarinet 61 notes from Swell

8' Geigen, 61 pipes
8' Rohrflute, 61 pipes
8' Viola, 61 pipes
8' Viola Celeste, 49 pipes
4' Principal, 61 pipes
4' Flute Octaviante, 61 pipes
2' Spitzflute, 61 pipes
III Mixture 2', 183 pipes
II Cornet, 98 pipes
16' Clarinet, 73 pipes
8' Hautbois, 61 pipes

16' Contrabass, 24 pipes
16' Bourdon, 32 pipes
16' Gedackt, 32 notes from Great
8' Octave, 12 pipes, ext. of 16' Contrabass
8' Bourdon, 12 pipes, ext. of 16' Bourdon
8' Viola, 32 notes from Swell
4' Choralbass, 32 pipes
4' Bourdon, 12 pipes, ext. 8' Bourdon
2' Flute, 32 notes from Great Bourdon
16' Posaune, 12 pipes, Ext. of Great Trumpet
8' Trumpet, 32 notes from Great
4' Clarinet, 32 notes from swell