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Blanket Group    Blanket Group

Take a batch of sewing material, make a blanket and what can you really make? How about a tent or a roof to cool a hot shelter. Maybe the blanket will actually go on a bed, or maybe the blanket will become a wall in a multi-family dwelling.

All of these uses, plus more are possible with the large quilt-like blankets that the St. Mark’s blanket group creates when they meet twice each month. Lead by Anne Althouse and Dottie Specht, the all-ladies group has been sewing blankets for the Lutheran World Relief since 1992. They meet for two Wednesday’s each month and create their large projects of hope and love.

There are 13 regular church members who belong to the group. The blankets start as “material” ideas. A variety of patterns are selected for each blanket. The material is then cut into squares and quilt-like sections are made. There is cutting, sewing, stuffing, and more sewing. The final product is a blanket of 110 small squares that measures approximately 7 feet by 5 feet in size.
The group makes three to four blankets each year, which are sent to Lutheran World Relief in Maryland.

Our group donated one of their blankets to the 1996 International Lutheran Convention as an auction item. One of our own St. Mark members won the blanket at the auction and donated it back to the church. This blanket was framed and is on permanent display in the social hall at our church.

The group meets the second and fourth Wednesday at 9:00 AM in the multi-purpose room. They are always looking for more help in this endeavor. Please contact the church office for more information.