At the time when the lot where St. Mark's Lutheran Church currently stands was purchased, it was not large enough to accommodate a cemetery. In 1902, land became available which was within walking distance of the new church and was ideal for the church's cemetery. 

The only access, however, was by Bull Road, a cattle-trodden path, which lead diagonally across the cemetery land to Quakertown Avenue.

In 1905 a Right-of-way was purchased. It was located almost in line with West Second Street in Pennsburg and led close to the main gate of the cemetery. Penn Street was extended from Quakertown Ave. with a narrow dirt road to the East Greenville Borough line in late 1924.

Supposedly, the cemetery was surveyed in 1902. First lots ranged from $8 to $11 per lot. A lot contains 8 graves. 

Owners were responsible for mowing their lots. There were no cemetery caretaker prior to 1917. Graves were dug by hand. In 1963, Pottstown Memorial was hired to excavate graves and continues to do so to this day. 

Once the debt was paid for the purchase of the cemetery grounds, the original committee dissolved and an overseer was appointed from church council. Assignments of the various duties of the cemetery were changed frequently among church council. Eventually the caretaker also did all of the clerical work beside his other duties.

There were many growing pains in the early development of the cemetery. Rules and regulations changed constantly. In 1985 a committee consisting of a Chairperson, secretary and treasurer and one church council member were appointed by the council. The committee met privately and acted independently. In later years, the vice chairperson, and a second council member were added to the committee.

The cemetery has grown from a small square plot to an area far north of the original plots. That first narrow stone drive has grown into several wide macadamed drives northward and again turning westward. 

As of December 1, 2013, St. Mark's cemetery burials number 1,642, of which 193 are veterans from the Civil War to the Korean War. A listing of all interred in the cemetery is linked below. 

This condensed version of the history of St. Mark's Cemetery is just the tip of the iceberg. A more complete account is available in booklet form. Please contact the church office to obtain a copy. 

Click here to view a listing those who are interred at the St. Mark's Cemetery.